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Joan Butts Bridge

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Learn to play bridge via Live Zoom Lessons from one of Australia's most popular and respected bridge teachers, Joan Butts. 


NOTE: There will be no lesson on 17 May as Joan will be hosting our Hunter Valley Bridge Holiday

Four Week Course

Starting: Wednesday 3 May

Lesson Time: 10 am - 11 am AEST

Week 1: Wednesday 3 May - Winners and Losers: The plan is everything...learn how to look at dummy when it goes down and see where tricks will be won or last 

Week 2: Wednesday 10 May - Techniques for Making Extra Tricks: There are definite moves to make when you're short of the tricks required for the contract.

NOTE: There will be no lesson on 17 May

Week 3: Wednesday 24 May - No Trump Play: It's all about winners when playing in no trumps. Losing the lead can be terrifying if you can't get it back, but sometimes you have to take risks! 

Week 4: Wednesday 31 May - Suit Play: It's all about losers as well as winners in suits and if you find too many losers you need to work out how to reduce these. 

    After each lesson, you will receive a recording and student notes to review. 

    To get the most out of these lessons, we highly recommend you join as a Joan Butts Bridge Member.


    If you're not in Australia, here are the class times. 

    CST – 7 pm, Sundays
    EST – 8 pm, Sundays
    PST – 5 pm, Sundays