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Joan Butts Bridge

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Learn to play bridge via Live Zoom Lessons from one of Australia's most popular and respected bridge teachers, Joan Butts. 

This Four Week Course is specially designed for newer players and will teach you all you need to know about that very important Second Bid (Rebids) in four different scenarios.


Four Week Course

Starting: Monday 9 January

Lesson Time: 10 am - 11 am AEDT

Week 1: Monday 9 January - Opener is Single-Suited

At opener's second turn, they will describe the shape and quality of their hand. If one-suited, you need six or more cards of your own suit, and usually, not another suit.

Week 2: Monday 16 January - Opener is Two-Suited

These hands are the hardest to get right, because sometimes there's no fit at all, and you need to stay low in order to make your contract. Responder may need to give "preference" to one of opener's suits.

Week 3: Monday 23 January - Opener is Balanced

Make sure you show points exactly when making your rebid here. You will have a hand which is either fewer in points than 1NT (15 - 17) or stronger (18,19). It's all about points with balanced hands.

Week 4: Monday 30 January - Opener has a Fit for one of Responder's Suits

Rebidding to show the fit is easy - it's just the level that needs work. Jumping straight to game requires a strong hand, and sometimes showing shortage as well as the fit will help partner evaluate their hand for game or even slam. 


    After each lesson, you will receive a recording and student notes to review. 

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    If you're not in Australia, here are the class times. 

    CST – 6 pm, Sundays
    EST – 7 pm, Sundays
    PST – 4 pm, Sundays