Developing Judgement at Bridge

Joan Butts

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Learn to play bridge via Live Zoom Lessons from one of Australia's most popular and respected bridge teachers. 

You don’t need to be an expert to understand what makes some hands better than others… and it’s not only high card points.
These four lessons will delve into really evaluating hands in all positions at the table.


Starting Wednesday, May 4th
Online Lesson: 10 am - 11 am AEST

Four Week Course:  

Lesson 1 - What’s my Hand Worth? 
Learn new guidelines for opening the bidding
Lesson 2 - Valuing Hands in No Trumps 
We cover why it’s a good idea to open 1NT (and 2NT) as often as possible, and to accurately evaluate their quality.
Lesson 3 - Valuing Major Suit Responses
The responder plays a very important role in making the decision for the partnership. This lesson will look at how to reach these decisions.
Lesson 4 - Minor Suits Exist too
This lesson will help you know when to play in a minor and when to choose no trumps. 


    After each online lesson, you'll receive a wrap-up email containing:

    • A recording of the lesson for you to watch and review in your own time (for revision or if you're unable to make a class)
    • Student notes
    • Hands to practice (only available for Gold Members)

    To get the most out of these lessons, we highly recommend you join as a Joan Butts Bridge Gold Member.

    If you're not in Australia, here are the class times. 

    CDT – 7 pm, Sundays
    EDT – 8 pm, Sundays
    PDT – 5 pm, Sundays