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Give the gift of gold membership for one month. Joan Butts Bridge Gold Members have full access to the Joan Butts Online School of Bridge and can play unlimited hands online.

The Online School of Bridge is a place to learn, practise and develop new skills to use at the bridge table. This course has been specially designed to help you improve, and calls on Joan Butts many years of experience as a bridge teacher. 

Gold Members have full access to a lesson library of more than 50 lessons. Each week a new bridge lesson becomes available, offering explanatory notes, videos, practice hands to play and a quiz to test your knowledge. The lessons cater for beginners to more advanced players.  

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Instructions for Purchasers

  1. Once you have purchased your gift certificate, you will be able to download the gift certificate.
  2. Print out the Gift Voucher. It is A4-sized and best printed in colour, but can be printed in black and white.
  3. Clearly write on the certificate the recipient’s name, your name and YOUR email address. The recipient will need your email address to verify the gift voucher.
    IMPORTANT: As your email address is used to verify the gift voucher against purchase records, the email address must match the one used to purchase the voucher.
  4. Instructions on how the recipient can redeem their voucher are included on the Gift Voucher.

Joan Butts Online School of Bridge

Terms and Conditions:

We process all gift voucher memberships manually. To redeem a gift voucher, recipient’s will have to provide us with the gift voucher purchaser’s email address to confirm the sale.

Recipient’s can expect to receive an invitation email for your membership within 1-2 business days. Gift membership period will begin once registration has been processed.

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