Kings & Queens Club - Improve Your Bidding and Play

Joan Butts Bridge

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Join Joan at Kings & Queens Bridge Club for her weekly workshop.

Lessons guaranteed to improve your bidding and play.

May 31, Lesson 1:

Opener’s Next Moves (How Best to Describe Opener’s Shape and Point Ranges)

June 7, Lesson 2:

Responder’s Next Moves. (How Best to Describe Responder’s Shape and Point Ranges)

June 21, Lesson 3:

The Whole Story of the 1NT response. (It's a difficult bid to make, and opener needs to work with you to then describe their hand)

June 28, Lesson 4:

Declarer Play Techniques. (Learn about five ways to definitely improve your declarer play).

Four Week Course, starting 31 May

Time: 10 am -12 pm AEST

Where: Kings & Queens Bridge Club, 709 Old South Head Rd, Vaucluse NSW 2030

Cost: $140 for the 4-week course ($35 per lesson)

*Please note, this is a face-to-face workshop being held at Kings & Queens Bridge Club in NSW