Modernise Your Competitive Bidding - Nov 2022

Joan Butts Bridge

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Learn to play bridge via Live Zoom Lessons from one of Australia's most popular and respected bridge teachers. 

Do you ever think: what will I do… bid one more, pass or double? It’s a common problem and will be solved if you do this course!

Modernise Your Competitive Bidding - and WIN!

Let me show you the latest trends in overcalls, weak jump overcalls, balancing, and doubles.

These four lessons will help you work more closely with partner when both sides are in the auction. 
Knowing when to double or overcall, and when to bid one more or double them is a real skill! 

Starting: Wednesday, 9 November

Lesson Time: 10 am - 11 am AEDT

November 9th: Lesson 1 - Modern Overcalls
Strong and weak: to overcall or double? That is the question. 

November 16th: Lesson 2 - How far should partner bid in response to an overcall? 
What bids are forcing?

November 23rd: Lesson 3 - Doubles Part 1
Modern One-Level Doubles

November 30th: Lesson 4 -  Doubles Part 2
Higher Level and Balancing Doubles

After each online lesson, you'll receive a wrap-up email containing:

  • A recording of the lesson for you to watch and review in your own time (for revision or if you're unable to make a class)
  • Student notes
  • Hands to practice (only available for Gold Members)


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If you're not in Australia, here are the class times. 

CT – 6 pm, Sundays
ET – 7 pm, Sundays
PT – 4 pm, Sundays