Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club - Improve Your Bidding

Joan Butts Bridge

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Join Joan at Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club for her weekly workshop.

Time: 2 pm - 4 pm

May 31, Lesson 1: COMPLETED

The Power of Two Suited Overcalls. This lesson will show you how to enter the auction with weak two-suited hands.

June 7, Lesson 2: COMPLETED

Fourth Suit Forcing. When you have two good hands, want to play at least game, but are not sure of the best spot, this is a good gadget to use.

June 21, Lesson 3: COMPLETED

The Negative Double. A very popular way to show partner what you have when the opponents overcall and try to upset your bidding. Don't let them!

June 28, Lesson 4: ONLINE ZOOM LESSON

Responding to Partner’s Take out Double: This is the time to be precise about your points, and to show partner exactly who has the balance of power.