RPEYC Bridge Course - Introduction to Conventions

Joan Butts Bridge

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Learn to play bridge via Live Zoom Lessons from one of Australia's most popular and respected bridge teachers, Joan Butts.


Introduction to Conventions
The Big 4: Stayman, Transfers, Blackwood and Negative Doubles
What’s a bridge convention? 
The most important ingredient to success at bridge is logic and concentration, but sometimes you need to ask partner special questions in the bidding.
The way to do this is through ‘conventions”. These are bids which don’t mean exactly what they sound like, but are “code” for asking what you need to know. 
So, you (and partner) need to learn a few of these, and know when and why to use them. 
You don’t need many conventions, but you need the “big 4”, and that’s what I’ll be covering in these lessons.  

The lessons are multi level, meaning that players of any level past the absolute basics will gain from them.  

Why Learn Bridge with Joan?
Joan is a well-known bridge personality who has played the game since she was 25, has represented Australia and is the 2022 NSW Mixed Pairs champion. Joan presents the concepts of bridge in a clear and uncomplicated way, and will make sure you have FUN! She developed an Online School of Bridge five years ago, and this is now popular with players all over the world. It’s perfect for reinforcing your lessons at home and practising hands. Joan’s beginners books will be available for purchase too. 

Four-Week Course

Cost: $180 per person


  • Week 1: Monday 7 November - Stayman
  • Week 2: Monday 14 November - Transfers to the Majors
  • Week 3: Monday 21 November - Blackwood
  • Week 4: Monday 28 November - Negative Doubles